Twenty Tips for a Twenty Year-Old

Today, I came across several useful links for the young and young at heart on reddit and thought I'd share them.

Reddit's Tips for a 20 year-old

As always, take with a pinch or two of salt:


While we're on the subject, many good tips are to be found here:
  • What is your best PROTIP?
    My Favorite:
    "Protip: You can't fuck a crazy-girl sane. / Lord knows I've tried."

    Runners up:
    "Protip: Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line."
    "Protip: Put toilet paper into the bowl before taking a dump to reduce splashbacks and stains on the bowl."
      I've been doing this one for years and had no idea it was a PROTIP.
In following articles, we'll continue to provide our own tips as well as gathering those from readers.  We'll highlight the best advice, and try not to dump on the not-so-good.  What are your best tips, gathered from experience?

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