FAQ and Glossary


  • Why do you use the dumb "www." prefix on the site?
    Because blogger forces us to.  :(
  • Where did you get the idea for the interesting background (seen on the newest browsers)?
    It is my "reinterpretation" of an OpenGL application found on SGI Irix called Twilight, and done entirely with CSS.


A list of definitions to various jargon heard around the halls of Geekademy.
  • Gringo Tax
    A quadrupling of prices in locations where tourists congregate.
  • Malware
    Sleazy or destructive software written for nefarious purposes, such as making money, vandalism, or the spawn of chaos.  A burden primarily on Windows users, although theoretically affecting other operating systems as well.

    • Viruses - Self-replicating programs, typically attached to executable code and run by the user.
    • Worms  - A virus that travels without user interaction.
    • Trojans - Malicious software hidden inside an attractive and/or useful package.
    • Spyware - Monitors communications and reports back to base.
    • Scumware - Low-quality software that takes over as much of your machine as it is able.  I liked to put Real Player in this category.

  • T.L.U.
    "Tight Little Unit" - Surfer slang for an attractive, compact girl, aka "Hottie."   Overheard in a T&A movie from the 80's and lodged in the vernacular ever since.


    A list of banned words and phrases, generally revolving around suit-speak.  Please report any instances so the offender may be duly punished!
    • buy-in
    • stakeholder
    • going forward 
    • Overuse of the word "enterprise" intended to impress.  :/
    For more examples, see:

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