Iceland: Ring of Fire

Just stumbled upon new photos of the unpronounceably-named volcano currently erupting in Iceland.  I wouldn't normally devote a whole post to a photo or two, but these must go down as the most badass I've seen in a long time.

To give credit where it is due, they were taken by Terje Sørgjerd.

A prelude from Norse Mythology:
At the end of the gods and the world, as it is said in Völuspá:

Surtur from the south
wielding fire
The gods' swords shine in the darkness,
like stars in the night
Mountains collapse into rubble
And fiends shall fall
Man walks the road to ruin
as the sky splits in two

Whoa.  Without further ado, let us commence with our first post from the lightning-bolts-shooting-out-from-fucking-lava department. ;)


Higher Quality Links:
  • The shot above .
  • Another one, a bit brighter.

Further Reading:

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