Go East Young Man!

AKA, go west young woman.  Growing up in Southern California I always wondered in the back of my head if something was wrong.  Why is it so hard to find a decent girlfriend?  And when I find one, why is there a line five-guys-long to talk to her?

Am I fugly?  Not really, and we've all seen hot chicks with meatheads and douchebags and wondered how.  Fat?  No, in quite good shape actually ((flexes the guns)).  Poor?  No.  An asshole?  Not in excess.  Dumb as a post?  Nope, ((shows geek card.))

Unfortunately for me, I didn't happen to stumble upon one of the biggest reasons until many years later, not until my thirties.  While others doubted its accuracy, the moment I saw it I knew it was true.  You may remember this infographic from a few years back.  There just ain't enough women to go around where I grew up, simple as that.  Behold—Singles USA:

L.A. is a fucking Dude-Ranchero. ;)

The map above is often attributed to National Geographic, but I was not able to find the original at their site.  One of these days when I'm at the library I'll look for it.  Instead, I've included the version above that cites a more likely source.

Below is data from National Atlas (.gov) derived from the 2000 US Census that largely supports the one above.  The difference is this map shows everyone, not simply singles age 20-64.  Make sure to click through to read the source article which is quite interesting.

"Among the ten places of 100,000 or more with
the highest male-female ratios, half were in California."

Not coincidently this also the reason a show like Sex and the City could never have taken place in Los Angeles.  Four reasonably attractive, successful, single women hooking up indiscriminately in L.A.?  Ha, not a chance.  Since women are in demand in Southern California, they tend to fall back on their preferred behavior and often require a signed lease before proceeding to the sack.  "Are you my boyfriend?"  ... might be heard on a second or third date, hehe.  Great for them if that's what they want, but in my opinion young people shouldn't be so hung up on serious relationships.  I've found much more dynamic dating scenes for both males and females in areas where males are in demand (for obvious reasons).  One can learn a lot about oneself by dating different partners.

In case it is not clear by now, the point I'm trying to make in this post is that you shouldn't be afraid to take your show on the road, if things ain't workin' out.  Coming to this conclusion on my own took 10 years of trial, error, error, and blessed travel.  I hope this will help you as it might have helped me.

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  1. Thanks man! Good tip, I'll have to check out the maps for Canada as well!