Hacking the Commodore 64 in Realtime

Just came across this fun geeky video of hacking the Commodore 64 in realtime.  I have a soft-spot for these old computers since I played with them as a kid.  Did you know they are still useful to students, even in this day and age?

Yes, because computers were so much more simple in the old days it was possible for one person to fit all the details about one in their head at once.  Ok, maybe not all at the same instant, but you get the idea.  When learning computer architecture it is best to start out simple and build your knowledge a piece or layer at a time.  The amazing part is that you don't even need the actual hardware around any more, you can use emulators to lean how they work instead.

Watch our master at work as he zooms into memory and incrments the number of lives left in the game. ;)

What are your favorite tools to hack on and learn the inner workings of your favorite tech gadgets?

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